People tend to misunderstand the implications of “rip and replace” software projects. It sounds painful to “rip out” an existing software solution, but the truth is, the replacement is the hard part. Although replacement is sometimes unavoidable, it’s usually better to add onto an incumbent solution. That is one potential benefit of the SalesPad Desktop solution for order processing and inventory management. It works well with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Companies that run GP for accounting and ERP can now add the sophisticated and feature-rich SalesPad software to enhance their order management and inventory capabilities.

SalesPad Features

SalesPad adds a number of modern features and functional capabilities to Dynamics GP. In this way, it enables businesses to grow and improve their customer relationships without having to do much to their core operational systems. The following are the highlights of the SalesPad/Dynamics GP integration:

  • Flexible workflow setup—You can define your criteria and rules, along with any requirements, for how a document gets routed.
  • An intuitive interface—For processing your orders more quickly. SalesPad lets you enter and process complex orders easily using customizable layouts and rules-driven workflows.
  • Real time inventory control—SalesPad gives you detailed visibility into essential inventory control measures such as margins, levels and cost buying trends.
  • Automated Purchase Orders (POs)—With SalesPad, you can quickly generate POs or have the system create them automatically based on reorder points. You can also automate POs in coordination with backorders.
  • Mobile sales and inventory management—SalesPad Mobile works on iOS and Android, enabling your people to handle sales orders, CRM and inventory from any location.
  • Built-in credit card processing—The SalesPad solution include a cloud-based credit card processing function. This capability streamlines the order taking process by avoiding the need to set up and learn a standalone credit card system. It is also possible to use virtual customer wallets to access customer credit cards when needed. SalesPad supports US and international payments.
  • Warehouse operations management—A full-featured warehouse management system (WMS) is part of SalesPad. The WMS enables barcoding for inventory tracking and order processing. Integration with Dynamics GP ties warehouse activity with balance sheets and the general ledger.
  • Customer services features—Employees can use SalesPad to stay on top of customer orders and deliver good customer service.
  • EDI integration—You can use SalesPad to place and receive orders with companies that use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This technology is popular today than many people realize. The integration is made possible by SalesPad’s inter-operation with SPS Commerce, a respected name in EDI. The EDI capability eliminates manual entry of invoices, purchase orders, sales orders and other documents.
  • Web portal—You can create a business-to-business (B2B) web portal with SalesPad. This enables you to provide a simple online ordering experience for customers. Orders received through the portal flow directly into SalesPad, with all relevant financial information populating Dynamics GP as needed.
  • Shipping—SalesPad connects with a range of carrier-specific applications. This integrates shipping seamlessly into the order fulfillment process. Alternatively, you can handle shipping directly with SalesPad and eliminate existing shipping software.
  • Manufacturing management—SalesPad integrates with the Dynamics GP manufacturing module. From this integration, you have the ability to create manufacturing orders, route orders and build bills of material (BOMs).

We have helped many companies implement SalesPad as a sales and inventory management toolset for Dynamics GP. To learn more about SalesPad or see a demo, visit our website or email us at sales@ics-cloudsolutions.com.

Learn More: Join Us Thursday, May 21 for a SalesPad Desktop Webinar

Our next webinar features SalesPad Desktop, a powerful ERP solution for businesses running Microsoft Dynamics GP, and DataCollection, SalesPad’s version of mobile warehouse management. Learn how to use SalesPad’s products to:

  • Process an order, from entry to fulfillment to invoice
  • View inventory, items on order, and historical data
  • Perform inventory adjustments and stock counts
  • Run reports and utilize the Purchase Advisor
  • Incorporate EDI technology

This session will be jam-packed with information, so come ready to learn! Click here to learn more or register.