Until about a month ago, discussions about mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications went something like this: “Well, you might need this because an employee may need to update the general ledger when she’s away from the office.” This was a valuable selling point of the mobile app.

Today, everyone is away from the office all day long—but businesses must continue to function. As a result, mobile ERP is essential to operations when everyone’s working from home. This promise comes to life in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central mobile app. We have worked with many clients in adapting the app to their unique use cases. Here are our thoughts on why it’s so effective.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central—In Brief

Briefly, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is software for business management solution. It enables companies to connect key systems for financials and accounting, operations, sales and service. Business Central allows for process management, task automation and improved workflows for customer engagement and data-driven decision making. It integrates with the Microsoft Office system and Outlook, which streamlines information work across the organization. The mobile version embodies the same qualities.

Solving the Challenges of Mobile Work and Mobile Business Management

The Business Central mobile app comprises separate functional areas that replicate the workings of the browser-based version. These include:

  • Activities—This screen offers managers a summary of key business metrics, pending deals and projects in progress. These are pulled from Business Central in real time, giving the user an immediate overview of what’s happening in the business, along with the ability to take action.
  • Supply chain—Users can order raw materials and oversee inventory using the mobile app. They can track shipments and interact with vendors with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Sales management—For sales managers, the app provides a breakdown of deals by account, by sales rep and so forth. Even working from home, sales people and their managers can interact and collaborate to drive revenue growth.
  • Project management—Project accounting data appears in real time on project “cards” in the app. Users can see at a glance how projects are performing in terms of schedule and budget. Key project contacts are available by swiping the screen.
  • Data visualization—The app is able to display data-rich charts that give managers a way to visualize business performance remotely.

Collectively, these mobile interfaces give employees, their managers and senior executives an immediate way to get business done, regardless of where they happen to be—or what device they’re using. The app works on personal mobile devices, which are increasingly common in today’s stay-at-home environment.

Making Your Business Mobile. Now.

The Business Central mobile app is user-friendly and works out of the box. It can take some customization to get it to be a strong fit with the way your business functions. We can help. We have the experience to make mobile ERP a reality. Today, more than ever, this is becoming critical for business success.

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and its mobile app, visit our website or contact us for a free consultation or demo.

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