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ERP Decision Making: Managing What Goes In with Powerful AR

There are few things that could be considered to be “easy” about the ERP decision-making process. However, one of the first steps to a successful decision is to find out what features are most important to your business, choose a solution with that can handle your...

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Show Me the Money: When and Why You Need to Prove ERP ROI

While you go through the process of selecting ERP software, you face a wide variety of decisions. From deciding on important functionality to making your decision on vendor and partner, the path to purchase is rife with politics, detractors, promoters, and...

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Usability: What it Is and Why It Matters in ERP

Selecting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a major decision, with choices driven by numerous smaller decisions ranging from “what are our must-have features” to “who can we trust to implement the software?” The path to selection is stressful,...

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