As of now, virtually every business in the United States, and much of the rest of the world, has employees working remotely to avoid getting sick with COVID-19. This situation highlights the need for effective mobile computing. Mobility is no longer a “nice to have” feature. It’s all we have for the time being, and the requirement to work remotely could last quite a lot longer.

The Current Situation

Here’s what’s going on right now: Information workers are doing their best to get work done from home. They are using laptops, smartphones and tablets—sometimes their own personal devices, and almost always on a consumer Internet connection—to interact with one another and engage with corporate systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

These remote workers need a seamless, fast and secure experience. At the same time, corporate networks are finding themselves overstretched. They were generally not designed to handle so many remote sessions. The IT department, in turn, is also burdened by support requests for remote work, a use case that was common but not ubiquitous as it is now.

Why Cloud Native Design is Critical to Mobility

Cloud-native software is a boon to universal remote work and end user mobility. As exemplified by Acumatica Cloud ERP, cloud-native applications are designed from the start to be hosted in the cloud. They utilize software programming languages and architectural concepts that are suited to cloud operations. This approach delivers the fast, seamless, secure experience remote workers need:

  • Browser-based access is universal and uniform—Any user can access the same functionality through a web browser. There is no need for a dedicated software client on the user’s device. This takes support pressure off IT while creating a uniform end user experience from any location.
  • One set of code, on any device—Acumatica’s cloud native design means that all devices are interacting with a single code base. There are no hand-offs between clients and servers. If a user performs an action at home, everyone else will see the results instantly wherever they are.
  • One dataset—The solution runs a single database in the cloud. This way, remote workers all have the same data in front of them in real time.
  • An adaptive mobile app that leverages the cloud-based code and unified dataset—The Acumatica mobile app gives remote users the complete ERP experience along with device-specific functionality that enables productivity. For example, the user can upload files or photos, linking the device’s built-in capabilities to the cloud-based ERP. Others comparable features include thing like GPS tracking, digital signature capture and note-taking.

Adapting ERP to Remote Work

Having everyone work from home is not the same as the status quo, where a few people are out of the office while the bulk of the team is on-site. This new reality will understandably force changes in workflows and business processes. We can help your business adapt. We have worked with many companies on remote and mobile work solutions.

To learn more about how our expertise, coupled with Acumatica Cloud ERP can bring out the best in your business during this challenging time, let’s talk.

Check out how some customers are adapting to remote work with the help of Acumatica:

I am really thankful we have Acumatica in place right now.  If we had been still operating from the old platform, we would have had some significant challenges with people working from home and staying connected. Keep up the good work!” – Alex Craster, Owner, Craster

Power Storage Solutions is not missing a beat, thanks to our decision to go with Acumatica.” – Derrick Elledge, VP of Operations, Power Storage Solutions

Palmer FoodService is a Food Service client running Acumatica. Being in Tennessee, we first got hit with the tornados and while the national distributors were out of business, Palmer picked up the slack.  Now with the COVID-19, food distributors like Palmer are a lifeline for their regional markets.  We are family run business’s that now have superior technology to the national firms.” – Liz Palmer Gibson, VP Sales & Marketing, Palmer FoodService

Mobility is an important driver for us. Thanks to Acumatica, our employees can connect to the same central system from any site.” –  Thibault Riester, President/Founder, Controleplus France

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